© Linda Joy Singleton 2011 Cash Kat Gram Hatter and Kat set off on an adventure. Gram quickly folds up a pirate hat and places it on Kat s head and they begin their mission to help clean up the city park. Volunteering turns into a treasure hunt as Kat finds pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and even a dollar. With each discovery Kat gets a new hat and Gram Hatter teaches Kat how to count her coins as they pick up litter at the park. When Kat adds up her money, there s enough for ice cream. Or should she donate the money to support the park instead? Amazon Barnes & Noble A Cat Is Better Find out why a cat is the purrfect pet in this fantastically funny picture book Pre Order NOW!!!! Amazon Barnes & Noble Snow Dog, Sand Dog A young girl wishes for a dog but her allergies prevent her from getting a real one. She finds a creative solution by making dogs each season out of objects she finds in nature. Amazon Barnes & Noble