© Linda Joy Singleton 2011 Linda Joy Singleton   Linda Joy Singleton is the author of over 35 books for kids, including YALSA honored THE SEER series and DEAD GIRL WALKING trilogy. She submitted short stories to magazines when she was 14 and finished her first book during a 2-week holiday. She kept stories she wrote as a kid and loves to share them when in her school presentations. Her childhood 100-book collection of girl series books like Nancy Drew, Judy Bolton and Trixie Belden grew to an adult passion and now thousands of juvenile series books fill her home library. A fan letter at age 13 led to her friendship with author Margaret Sutton and later a co- written Judy Bolton mystery. When she was 14 she wrote a goal of wanting to write a series of her own--and it happened. She encourages kids, "Follow your dreams no matter how impossible they seem. With hard work and determination, dreams come true." THE SEER Series 1. Don’t Die Dragonfly 2. Last Dance 3. Witch Ball 4. Sword Play 5. Fatal Charm 6. Magician’s Muse Spin-Off:  Buried: A Goth Girl  Mystery   DEAD GIRL Series 1. Dead Girl Walking 2. Dead Girl Dancing 3. Dead Girl In Love STRANGE ENCOUNTERS Series 1. Oh, No! UFO 2. Shamrocked 3. Sea Switch Short Stories CURIOUS CAT SPY CLUB PAGE - SPECIAL OFFERS FOR EDUCATORS & FANS! Invite me to Speak to your School or Library. Click below on email link. include contact information, date, time, location.  Email link